About us

Our Purpose

Easy to use apps for production and logistics that enable highest productivity in a modern working culture which unleashes the competences and potentials of all contributors.

What we do

5thIndustry focuses on the digitalization of production and logistic companies. Industry 4.0  and industrial internet of things (IIOT) enables factory operations to enter a whole new approach to utilize the power of modern information technology.

5thIndustry develops a modular application platform dedicated to use cases in the manufacturing environment. The applications provide the factories access to state of the art IoT technologies and present a new user interface to factory operations.

Our first product out of this platform is a collaborative maintenance manager. It is a simple to use, mobile friendly app which allows to quickly create maintenance tickets based on equipment specific failures and assign them to a maintenance technician. The tickets are presented on a Kanban Board which allows everyone to immediately see the status of each ticket and get detailed information about an incident at a fingertip. The tickets can be created manually by the operators with a mobile phone or the equipment can create the ticket by itself, provisioned, that it is connected to the internet. The maintenance technicians are receiving a push notification on their mobile about new incidents in their area of responsibility or if a ticket has been assigned to them and achieve quickly full transparency about the incident: What exactly is the issue, the priority of the incident, the location, who submitted the ticket, spare part inventories, history of previous incidents, etc.

The next products in our pipeline are a quality management app and a OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency App), which can deployed stand alone or in a modular approach together with other apps. Our products are open to integrate with existing standard applications in the manufacturing environment such a ERP Systems. The data which is generated by using the applications is used to train algorithms which are correlating machine and environment parameters to the incidents and who will then be able to make predictions about maintenance or quality issues.
Additionally our App´s provide beside user friendly mobile and desktop front ends also the capability to be used over voice or chat interfaces (Amazon Alexa or Chatbots) to increase the ease of use for the users.

From our experience in driving digitalization at a large multinational company with more than 250 factories worldwide, we also know about the challenges in starting the digitalization in a factory. 

We developed a workshop concept which allows factories to define an individual digitalization roadmap tailored to their needs. It starts with identifying and prioritizing the business critical challenges the factory is currently facing in order to improve their performance (let it be productivity, quality or delivery performance). These challenges are then mapped against maturity levels of predefined typical use cases for digitalization in factories so that the factory team can develop jointly a vision which maturity levels they want to reach in each use case and what steps are necessary to reach them.

The workshop also provides guidance on how to implement digital solutions in an agile manner, building up the required IoT infrastructure, ramping up the required inhouse qualifications and avoiding common pitfalls.
The positive feedback from nearly 30 factories in which this workshop was conducted encouraged us to make it an elemental part of our offering.

Who we are

Robert Harms

Experienced factory network and production planner. Organisation developer for modern working cultures (New Work). Focus on user experience (UX).

Sebastian Schumann

Experienced manager of factory operations and of global production technology development. Focus digitalization and IoT-architectures.

Frank Paetow

Experienced manager of factory digitalization initiatives and IT-departments. Focus on front end development and infrastructure.

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