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Our Focus

Entering the digital future in your factory is no mystery, but it often feels like walking through a labyrinth of possibilities. Not only that the digital technology is continuously evolving, also the question where and how to start in a complex manufacturing environment is critical for success and acceptance.

In our factory tailored workshop the typical business processes and leading problem fields will be analyzed together with the factory personell to systematically identify the potentials of various use cases for digitalization.

Your Benefit

Based on proven technological experience the ideation of concrete projects and measures will be elaborated. 

Finally an adaptive roadmap for digitalization projects will be defined and first agile development and implementation projects started.

Why our digital workshop?

  • Understand how digitalization improve your performance
  • Identify your first action fields how to generate impact quickly
  • Create transparency for you and your organization
  • Get inspiration and share best practices

Typical examples for a
2-Day Workshop

  • Self-Screening on typical digital use cases in manufacturing
  • Identification of your current operational challenges
  • Evaluation of your IT architecture and potentials
  • Development of your digitalization roadmap
  • Discuss your organizational setup and team collaboration to ensure successful implementation

Tailor-Made Digital Solutions


When it comes to setting up your IT-architecture for industrial IoT-applications in a manufacturing environment you have thousands of possiblities: What service providers to use? What services to implement? How to allow for interconnectivity? How to ensure security? – just to name a few. 

With our experience in real world manufacturing environments, we help you to build up a future robust and flexible infrastructure that enables you to take advantage of industrial IoT-potentials now and in the future.

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This App is still under development. If you're interested in a little peek we're happy to inform you!


Maintenance and tool management tasks are just a few clicks away. No matter which challenge you are facing, this app is for you.


This App is still under development. If you're interested in a little peek we're happy to inform you!

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