Maintenance Manager

An app that keeps track of all maintenance activities and foster collaboration across all involved departments

IoT-Ready Kanban Board

Simple management of your maintenance or tool preparation tasks with across all involved teams with a digital Kanban-board. All tickets include specific production relevant information and can be connected to your factory's IoT-devices for transparent and up to date information.

Mobile Ticket

Manual and automated ticket creation

In a complex environment maintenance or tool management tasks can be generated through various events - planned or unplanned, manual or condition triggered. With a few clicks your ticket is there and solving the issue can start.

Mobile Ticket

Comment and chat

Inform others directly, share your information or ideas as simple as a social post. Collaborate across all teams and find your solution to your issue quickly. Reward and feedback and learn from former issues by using the activity stream and history functionality.

Analyze and Predict

Use your history data and information to create knowledge for current tasks. Analyze your history data and find solutions to improve in the future.


Open interface technology that allows to integrate industrial IoT-data within the applications


Collaboration across various teams as primary design maxime.


Transparent information of all current tasks and conditions to all teams

user Centric

Factory and shop floor proven interaction with application and easy to use for everyone

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