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The Progress Manager gives you the full control and overview to perfectly manage your production orders and their progress


Maintenance and tool management tasks are just a few clicks away. No matter which challenge you are facing, this app is for you


The safety app empowers you to manage your EHS incidents and Audits throughout your factory environment


The Portal is not only the perfect place to access your apps and their functions but to give you full control over custom dashboards and activities.


Unleash your full digital potential with the strategy app & get ready to do easy and super efficient assessments in your factory


The powerful protocol app allows you to manage your inspection reports in realtime and even create protocols on the go

Tailor-Made Digital Solutions


When it comes to setting up your IT-architecture for industrial IoT-applications in a manufacturing environment you have thousands of possiblities: What service providers to use? What services to implement? How to allow for interconnectivity? How to ensure security? – just to name a few. 

With our experience in real world manufacturing environments, we help you to build up a future robust and flexible infrastructure that enables you to take advantage of industrial IoT-potentials now and in the future.

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